DeMarco - The Founder

The original large-scale, industrial vacuum cleaner using high suction, positive displacement vacuum pumps was invented by the industry pioneer and industrialist, Thomas M. DeMarco.

As an engineer for National Engineering Company (Chicago, IL) in the 1960s, Tom worked with numerous foundries throughout the United States and Canada. During his visits, Tom observed the costly and time-consuming methods utilizing inefficient equipment and labor-intensive hand shoveling to collect wet/dry sand spills from deep pits and around conveyor belts.

Tom recognized that a productive foundry operation would require continuous and safe removal of these massive spills. With great determination and engineering expertise, Tom made a revolutionary impact worldwide when he invented and patented the very first line of High Suction PD Pump Industrial Vacuum Systems utilizing bag-type filters, which he named Hi-Vac. Tom then co-founded (NFE) National Foundry Equipment International Ltd as Executive Vice President to introduce the Hi-Vac to the world market.

Thomas M. DeMarco - The Founder


DeMarco - The Leader

In 1986, Thomas M. DeMarco made another major pivotal breakthrough in advanced vacuum technology.

The MAX VAC® line was introduced to the world market featuring Tom's newly Patented DeMarco 3-Stage, 2-Compartment Laterally Offset Cyclonic Material Separator Circuit and DEMARCO® Silencer Base® Muffler. He was also the first to introduce and utilize the superior pleated cartridge filter technology in this new vacuum line.

These exclusive patented designs and performance features made previous vacuum technology obsolete.

Thomas M. DeMarco - Origional Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Thomas M. DeMarco

DeMarco - The Future

Now in its third generation of design engineers, DeMarco remains committed to excellence in designing and manufacturing an elite line of vacuum systems with proven reliability, performance and uncompromising quality.

In 2018, under the leadership of Thomas DeMarco, Jr., President and Senior Engineer, the company launched a new line of redesigned DeMarco Vacuums with more enhanced performance features including an exclusive compact design.

DeMarco Industrial Vacuum Corporation and its team of project engineers continue to lead and set the global standard for tomorrow's vacuum technology.

Thomas DeMarco Jr. - Modern Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Thomas DeMarco, Jr.