Stationary Industrial Vacuum Dump Gate Options

Counter-Weighted Dump Gates

Counter-Weighted Dump Gates

Our standard Counter-Weighted Dump Gates are ideal for most heavy-duty, wet/dry applications and come standard on stationary models. Batch dump abrasive powders, solids, and granules easily and effectively. This simplified design provides a long gate life with no maintenance required.

  • 10" and 20" SCH 40 or SCH 80 Pipe Sizes Available
  • Optional Stainless Steel or Aluminum Tubing Construction
  • Easy, Hands Free Self Dumping
Drop Thru Rotary Air Lock Valves

Drop-Thru Rotary Air Lock Valves

These heavy-duty extra tough Drop-Thru Rotary Airlock Valves are designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures. Extra thick end-plates, flanges and housing walls, along with on-board mounted oversized bearings that are prelubricated and permanently sealed to ensure low maintenance and prolonged life. Cast iron or stainless steel housings are standard providing maximum structural stability with optional cast materials available, including inconel, hastelloy, cast steel or aluminum.

  • 4" to 36" Sizes Available
  • Housing Coating Options Include:
    • Hard Chrome
    • Nickel
    • Teflon
    • Tungsten Carbide
    • Chrome Carbide Plasma
Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves provide excellent flexibility for a wide variety of normal to severe applications including chemicals and abrasives. All standard resilient seats are food grade with the exception of viton. The body is constructed in cast iron, ductile iron (lug) and aluminum (wafer) with disc options in 316 stainless steel, aluminum bronze and ductile iron.

  • Automatically Air Actuated or Manual
  • Sizes Include 6", 8", 10" and 12"
Gravity Diverter Valves

Gravity Diverter Valves

Diverter Valves offer an effective method for directing product flow from a single source to multiple destinations. Ideal for batch systems. Can also be used as two into one gathering hopper. Deigned to handle the gravity feed of dry powders, pellets, granules, or any other free flowing product. Valve is tight inside and outside to minimize leakage between system legs.

  • 4" to 24" Sizes Available
  • Heavy Gauge Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum Construction
  • Manual, Air or Electric Actuated Operation
  • Optional Limit Switches
Double Flap Gate Valves

Double Flap Gate Vales

Double Flap Gate Valves are designed for high-pressure applications up to 20 PSI and high temperature extremes. Available in both the "short", low profile HPSC model and the "tall", high- profile HPTC model. Both models are offered with a choice of pneumatic, electro-mechanical or gravity/counterweight actuation. A triple flap gate configuration is also available if better suited for your particular application.

  • 8" to 18"+ Sizes Available
  • Extreme Temperature & Environments
  • Robust, Hybrid Construction with No External Pinch Points
Dust Tight Slide Gates

Dust-Tight Slide Gates

Air-Operated or Manual Dust-Tight Slide Gates add an extra dimension of control to bulk material handling systems. Designed for use in free flowing solids, granules or powder form. Built of sturdy-welded steel, slide gates provide long life and dependable service. They are economical in cost and easily installed. Completely dust-tight when installed, they require no or minimal caulking.

  • 4" to 24" Sizes Available
  • Heavy Gauge Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum Construction
  • Manual, Air or Electric Actuated Operated
  • Optional Limit Switches