Engineered Industrial Vacuum for
Powdered Milk Dust Removal
Engineered Industrial Vacuum for Powdered Milk Dust Removal

Powdered Milk Dust Removal
Industrial Vacuum

A manufacturer of dry powdered milk approached DeMarco Industrial Vacuum Corp. to design and construct a custom vacuum package that would effectively process the potentially combustible powered milk dust that accumulates on their mezzanines during production. The location required two vacuuming pick-up points per floor, with 4 mezzanine levels to service at 15' apart. Consulting with the customer we defined their needs and performed in depth feasibility studies, analyzing the environment to develop the design criteria. Fabrication was carried out utilizing a range of fabrication processes, which resulted in a robust system that would stand up to years of service.

Operational features of the finished vacuum system include 7 pickup points, with the ability to simultaneously open 2 points during operation. Special explosion-venting technology was integrated into the design to reduce combustible dust hazards. The vacuum runs on 480 volts/3 phase/ 60 hertz power supply. Floor dimensions of the completed unit were 5" width, 8" in depth and 14' in height. This was a stationary solution, capable of varied vacuuming rates, vacuuming distance of up to 45' vertically, and functionality to 200'. This unit met the standards for NEMA 7/9 rating, suitable for handling hazardous material.

Turnaround time for this project was 2 months, installed on site at the customer's Nebraska facility.

To learn more about this vacuum system, see the table below or contact DeMarco Industrial Vacuum Corp. directly.

Highlights of this Fabricated Industrial Vacuum Project

Project Description

Vacuuming dry powdered milk dust that accumulates on mezzanines.

Vacuum Environment

  • Temperature: Ambient
    Bulk Density: 62 LBS.
    Moisture content: < 10%
    Altitude: 2000'
    Vacuuming Rate in Tons/Hour: Varies
  • Stationary
    Vacuuming Distance: < 45' Vertically
    Vertical: < 200' Horizontally
    Power Supply: 480 Volts; 3 Phase; 60 Hertz
    Compressed Air Required at 100 psi

Overall Vacuum Dimensions

  • Floor Dimensions:
    5' Width,
    8' Depth
    14' Height
  • Hose in 25' Sections – Ø 2" I.D
    Vacuuming Nozzle Set – Ø 2" I.D
    NEMA Rating: 4
    Diameter of Pickup Points: 2"
    Number of Pickup Points: 7
    Open Simultaneous Vacuum Points: 2

Material to be Vacuumed

Potentially Combustible Dry Milk Powder

Additional Facts

The Customer has 4 Floors of Mezzanines to Vacuum; 15 Feet Between each Floor. They would like two drop spots for vacuuming on each floor.

In process testing/inspection performed

  • Dimensional

Industry for Use

  • Powdered Milk Manufacturing

Delivery/Turnaround Time

  • 8 Weeks

Delivery Location

  • Nebraska

Standards Met

  • Customer Specifications

Product Name

  • Industrial Vacuum