Custom Engineered DeMarco Vacuums

DeMarco's engineering capabilities reach far beyond standard industrial vacuuming applications. We provide our customers with unique solutions to even the most demanding cleanup requirements.

Foundries, food processing, mills, mines, power plants, manufacturing and concrete facilities have all been seeking DeMarco Industrial Vacuums for decades. We are not only known for our world-class customer support, but our customers' loyalty is gained through our dedicated team of sales engineers that have one goal in mind:  Customer Oriented Solutions. Problem Solved.

The following are some examples of our custom engineered DeMarco Vacuum Systems:

Explosion-Proof T1000 Series VacuumExplosion-Proof T1000 Series. 25 HP Drive Package with Safe Passive Flameless Indoor Explosion Venting.

Application: Turnkey Central Vacuum for Powdered Milk Cleanup

150 HP Diesel Railcar Industrial Vacuum150 HP Diesel Stainless Steel Underground Railcar Mounted Vacuum With 3 Cubic Yard Material Collection Hopper With An Automatic Hydraulic Emptying Gate

Application: Gravel & Slurry Removal

underground railcar mounted mining vacuum150 HP Diesel Underground Railcar Mounted Mining Vacuum

Application: Transfer Belt Out-Loading Of Iron Oar 

ultra low profile mining vacuum125 HP Diesel Ultra-Low Profile Underground Mining Vacuum With IntraVac™ Re-Injection System

Application: Copper Spill Recovery 

maxceptor underground diesel vacuum225 HP Diesel Lift-Dump MAXLOADER™ With 11'-0" Ground Clearance Under Dump Valve

Application: Gravel Maintenance Along Rail Tracks

2 wheel tow vacuum40 HP In-Plant 2-Wheel Tow Vacuum With 1 Yard Roll-Dump Collection Hopper

Application: Ethanol Plant For Wet/Dry Corn Pit Cleanout

Trailer Mounted Vacuum75 HP Diesel Over-The-Road Trailer Mounted Vacuum With 1-1/2 Yard Roll-Dump Collection Hopper

Application: Automotive Manufacturing Plant For Steel Shot Recovery

dump truck vacuum50 HP Diesel Dump Truck Vacuum

Application: Gypsum Plant Mobile Spill Recovery

LPG trailer mounted vacuum60 HP LPG Over-The-Road Trailer Mounted Vacuum With 2-1/2 Yard Roll-Dump Collection Hopper

Application: Fine Polystyrene Pellets

MAXchamber Portable Industrial Vacuum 60 HP Portable MAXchamber™ Vacuum Designed Around Customer's Multiple Gaylord Containers

Application: Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing Plant

50 HP Portable Industrial Vacuum50 HP Portable With Explosion Vent & 2 Yard Roll-Dump Collection Hopper

Application: Paper Plant For Wood Dust

Industrial Roll-Dump Hopper25 HP Portable Vacuum With 1-Yard Roll-Dump Collection Hopper, Hi-Temperature Vacuum Breaker & HEPA Filter

Application: Hot Foundry Sand

Positive Displacement Industrial Vacuum50 HP Positive Displacement Drive Package With DEMARCO® Silencer Base® Muffler & Vacuum Relief Valve. This was purchased to connect to customer's existing filter receiver, which replaced an existing insufficient turbine system.

Application: Dry Pet Food Manufacturing Plant

Liquid Industrial Vacuum System15 HP Self-Propelled Liquid Vacuum System

Application: Automotive Manufacturer For Removal Of Wet Sand & Water Slurry

water injected industrial vacuumDEMARCO® Hydro Blast Vacuum With Our Patented Dust Carry-Over IntraVac™ Re-Injection System. Re-injects Screened Water Back To Blasting Equipment.

Application: For Reclaiming, Separating & Recycling Spent Blast Water

Explosion Proof Industrial Vacuum75 HP X-Proof Class II, Division I Vacuum With NEMA 7 Control Panel, Explosion Vent & Isolation Valve

Application: Central Vacuum For Powdered Milk