Custom Engineered Industrial Vacuum for
Copper Mining Debris
Mine Shaft Vacuum

Mine Shaft Vacuum

A customer in the copper mining and exploration industry contracted DeMarco Industrial Vacuum Corp. to engineer and manufacture a custom industrial vacuum for a critical application. Consulting closely with the customer, our engineers provided feasibility studies to evaluate the application environment and determine vacuum design criteria. The vacuum was to process mining debris resulting from mezzanine deconstruction operations. The mineshaft measurements were 30' in diameter with 6200' maximum depth at the base of the shaft. Mezzanine deconstruction was being performed from 500' deep to the base.

The vacuum system included a DEMARCO® MAXceptor® pre-separator hopper that would be lowered into the shaft for filling, and then lifted to the surface for emptying, along with a drive package located in the elevator. A quick disconnect between the vacuum's drive package and the hopper was also provided. Operational features for this stationary unit includes a 480 volts/3 phase/60 hertz power supply and compressed air available at 120 psi, 45' vacuuming distance, and 25' vertical range. The unit is equipped to handle slag particles up to 2.5" in size, with less than 50% moisture content.

The nozzle set measured 3" I.D., and the 25' sectioned hosing was 3" I.D. as well. The enclosure met NEMA 4 standards for waterproof and dust construction, as well as our high standards for uncompromising quality and integrity. The vacuum was subjected to comprehensive pre- and post-production testing to verify overall integrity. This vacuum system was designed and manufactured within an 8 week turnaround time, shipped to the customer on the west coast.

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Highlights of this Custom Engineered Industrial Vacuum Project

Project Description

Mine Shaft is Ø 30' and 6200' Deep. The Customer is Deconstructing Mezzanines from 500' Deep to the Base. During the Deconstruction there is much Debris Generated.

Vacuum Environment

  • Maximum Material Size: Sand Up To 2.5" Slag
    Temperature: Ambient
    Bulk Density: ~120 LBS.
    Moisture content: <50%
    Altitude: 4200' – 800'
  • ALS Vacuuming Rate in Tons/Hour: Varies
    Vacuuming Distance: <45'
    Vertical: <25'
    Power Supply: 480 Volts; 3 Phase; 60 Hertz Compressed Air Required at 120 psi

Overall Vacuum Dimensions

  • Floor Dimensions
    8'-4" High X 3'-9" Square Overall
  • Hose in 25' Sections – Ø 3" I.D
    Vacuuming Nozzle Set – Ø 3" I.D
    Diameter of Pickup Points: 3"
    NEMA Rating: 4

Material to be Vacuumed

Rock, Dirt, and Metal – Mining Shaft Debris

Key Advantages

An Intercept Hopper to be able to Lower in the Shaft, filled, and then transported back to the surface to be emptied.

The Drive Package will be Located on the elevator.

Quick Disconnect Required between Drive Package and Hopper.

In process testing/inspection performed

  • Dimensional

Industry for Use

  • Copper Mining

Delivery/Turnaround Time

  • 8 Weeks

Delivery Location

  • West Coast

Standards Met

  • Customer Specifications

Product Name

  • DEMARCO® T1300 Stationary Drive Package with MAXceptor Pre-Separators Industrial Mining Vacuum