When Patented Technology & Proven Performance Matter

DeMarco Industrial Vacuum Corporation is proud of its over 50 year history as the leading global innovator of high quality and high performance Patented DeMarco Industrial Vacuum Systems. Our focused commitment to provide our customers with excellence in advanced vacuuming technology and in superior engineering capabilities is what makes DeMarco the benchmark in the vacuum industry.

Our industry leadership, established innovative solutions and superior service are DeMarco's strategic strengths that are ready to work for you and your exclusive vacuum application. Your Search Stops Here.

Our Exclusive Patented DeMarco Laterally Offset 3-Stage 2-Compartment Material Separation Circuit

separation circuit
  1. Material Enters the DeMarco Vacuum
  2. First Stage: Patented Material Inlet Cyclone Deflector
  3. Second Stage: Patented Laterally Offset Cyclone Separation of Vacuumed Material from the Airflow
  4. Air-Tight Material Collection Hopper
  5. Third Stage: Patented Laterally Offset DEMARCO® MAXcartridge Filter Chamber.
  6. Exclusive DEMARCO® MAXcartridge Filter(s).
  7. Reverse Air-Pulse Jet Filter Cleaning System for Uninterrupted Vacuuming.
  8. Clean Air Out
  9. Vacuum Pump Drive Package
  10. Patented DEMARCO® SILENCER BASE® Muffler
  11. Clean Air Exhaust

Key Advantages:

  • The DeMarco Material Separator (#2 in flow chart) is laterally offset from the filter chamber. This ensures absolute minimal material carryover. Bulk solid materials and micron particulates are substantially separated and removed before the airflow reaches the DEMARCO® MAXcartridge Filter(s).
  • Minimal material carryover to filters greatly increases the efficiency and performance of the DeMarco Vacuum while protecting the vacuum pump and also extending the life of the filter(s).
  • 24/7 continuous-duty vacuum operation. No shutdowns required for filter cleaning.
  • There are no obstructions directly below the DEMARCO® MAXcartridge Filter(s) which eliminates problematic material build-up. This superior design also allows for easy filter access.

FACT: Competitor vacuums have their material separators located directly under their filter compartment resulting in:

  1. High Dust Velocities and High Material Carryover to Filters
  2. High Workload and Wear on the Filters
  3. Expensive Maintenance and Timely Labor
  4. Substantial Material Build-Up into the Filter Chamber
  5. Shortened Vacuum Pump Life

Our Custom & Exclusive DEMARCO® MAXcartridge Filter Design

Thomas M. DeMarco's first patented industrial vacuum invention in 1968 incorporated the now outdated bag-type filter technology, which over 40 years later, is still being used today on competitor systems with either a manual shake or continuous air-pulse jet cleaning method.

In 1986, Tom was the first to introduce and utilize pleated cartridge filter technology in his newly patented line of MAX VAC® Industrial Vacuums. This key pivotal innovation changed the course of history in the vacuuming industry.

Key Advantages:

  • Successfully proven to handle the toughest materials such as aluminum oxide, carbon black, chromium oxide, coal, grit, lime, silica and zircon sand without binding or plug-ups.
  • 24/7 vacuuming is continuous and uninterrupted with our automatic reverse air-pulse jet filter-cleaning feature; Time-consuming shutdowns are not required as compared to competitor manual filter shaking vacuums.
  • High burst strength with reinforced dimensional stability.
  • Latest open pleat design technology with "dimpled" membrane for excellent material release including ultra fine powders.
  • Efficiencies up to 99.99% @ 0.2 microns and above.
  • Low air-to-cloth ratios for greater filter efficiency.
  • Quick filter access for easy and fast replacement.
  • All DeMarco Vacuum Systems come with our exclusive filter guarantee.

FACT: Other industry vacuums that utilize pleated cartridge filters are spin-offs of DeMarco's inventive technology.

FACT: DeMarco's dimpled MAXcartridge Filter is the most superior pleated filter on the market.

  1. Conventional industry filters pinch at the top, restricting airflow and reducing effective filter surface area. Dimpling prevents pleat compression, allowing filtration across 100% of the surface.
  2. When pulsing conventional industry filters, pleats balloon causing dust to trap at the bottom of the pleat. Dimpled pleats stiffen the filter media to prevent ballooning, allowing 100% of the media to be cleaned.
  3. After pulsing, trapped dust on conventional filter pleats reduce the effectiveness of subsequent pulsing and lower effective filter surface area. There is very little dust in dimpled media after pulsing.
  4. By rounding the pleat tips, filtration is increased. Dimpling maintains uniform pleat spacing, optimizes the pleat count and lowers total pressure drop.

FACT: DEMARCO® MAXcartridge Filters are superior to bag-type filters.

  1. Manual bag shake cleaning vacuums have frequent shutdowns interrupted vacuum performance, and line plugs.
    These vacuum units must be shut OFF in order to manually shake the bag filters. Bag filters should be manually shaken at least daily or after each use which will result in frequent downtime throughout the day.
  2. Multiple rows of bag-type filters are required to achieve a similar air-to-cloth ratio as just one DEMARCO® MAXcartridge Filter.
  3. With manual shake bag-type filters; as the bags start clogging, the motor/blower drive package has to work harder to move the air through the filter housing to sustain positive airflow. This results in costly and unnecessary energy loss.
  4. A loose or unsecured bag filter will allow material to pass through the filter separator and plug the secondary in-line filter pump protector.
    PLEASE NOTE: DeMarco Vacuums DO NOT require an additional in-line filter to protect the vacuum pump.
  5. Multiple rows of bag-type filters also means tedious and time-consuming filter change-outs that can take hours to complete. DEMARCO® MAXcartridge Filters take only minutes to change out.
  6. Bag-type filters move and shift while being manually shaken or air-pulsed which result in bags wearing down quickly for a shorter filter life.
  7. When replacing bag filters, ALL the bags must be replaced at the same time or this will result in a constant source of operator frustration.


Customer Caution

Other companies that claim to carry DeMarco filters may be misleading you into buying a product that may damage your vacuum and void your warranty. Only filters that carry the DEMARCO® MAXcartridge Filter brand name have been rigorously tested under extreme conditions to withstand even the most demanding applications. Engineering expertise and decades of experience allow us to provide you with the most impressive cartridge filter on the market backed by the strongest filter guarantee — Nothing Less!

Purchase directly from DeMarco Industrial Vacuum Corporation (1-815-344-2222) or from one of our authorized distributors.

Our Exclusive Patented DEMARCO® SILENCER BASE® Muffler

silencer base
  • New and Improved design in 2018!
  • Provides unsurpassed low decibels.
  • No need for an additional costly and obstructive sound enclosure for the blower/drive power package.
  • Structurally supports the vacuum pump drive package.
  • Provides an easy and safe fork tine method for transporting the vacuum.
  • Compact and aesthetic design as opposed to the long bulky tube-like silencers used on competitor vacuums.