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Portable DEMARCO® Industrial Vacuums

portable industrial vacuums

Versatile and compact vacuum designs with roll-dump collection hoppers. HEPA Option Available.

Stationary DEMARCO® Industrial Vacuums

stationary industrial vacuums

Stand-alone or Central turnkey vacuum systems offering various Bottom-Dump Hopper configurations. HEPA Option Available.

MAXceptor™ Cyclone

MAXceptor cyclone separators

Separate the bulk of materials from the air stream from a single vacuuming source.

Custom Engineered DEMARCO® Vacuums

Custom Industrial Vacuums | custom engineered vacuums

Our team of project engineers will successfully meet the exact requirements of your unique application. HEPA Option Available.

Vacuum Equipment

rental vacuum rentals

Count on our Heavy-Duty DEMARCO® Industrial Vacuum Rental Equipment for virtually any application.